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Lance Williamson

Jul 142014


FoMM have lodged a submission to the ACT Government’s ACT Offsets Policy and Delivery Framework – Position Paper.

The environmental offsets position paper has been prepared by the ACT Government to provide the community with an opportunity to provide comments on the proposed content of an ACT environmental offsets policy. Finalising a policy is a requirement for a one stop shop for environmental approvals.

The position paper includes:

  • the ACT environmental offsets policy and delivery framework and
  • offset requirements for Act listed species.

The FoMM submission is available here…

Jul 062014

Hoary Sunray (C.O’Meara)

Welcome to the July 2014 edition of the FoMM newsletter. A big thank you to all those who volunteered at the June working bee, it was an enormous success after being delayed by rain the week before. The she-oak planting went ahead in brilliant weather conditions, and with 16 planters and the holes prepared prior to the event, the planting was done in no time. Encouragingly, long-time FoMM member Noel Birchall heard the calls of Glossy Black Cockatoos when he was up at Majura Ridge on the morning of the planting day.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, many of us were heartened recently by the sighting of the first Hoary Sunray (Leucochrysum albicans var. tricolor), an endangered daisy, to naturally germinate at The Fair rehabilitation site. See a photo of it below. We are also starting to see other species self seeding in the area such as Clustered Everlasting Daisies (Chrysocephalum semipapposum) and Blue Heron Bill (Erodium crinitum). They are only germinating in amongst the planted seedlings where mulch and woody debris has been spread. This is protecting them from grazing and erosion as well as providing some extra nutrients to the soil. Nice to know we are doing something right!

See you on the mountain.

Jo Lynch
FoMM Secretary Continue reading »

Dec 092013

Kangaroos Mt Majura July 2009 rs
Because human memories of a changing scene – the when, what and how much – are inadequate, FoMM volunteers are using repeated photographs to record and so capture any changes. To be of real value, the photography must capture only the scene change, and not be affected by camera type and position, and lighting. Therefore, FoMM volunteers carefully repeat photographs from 22 separate positions (photopoints), at the same time of day (around midday) beginning when the fencing was completed (October, 2009), and now continuing every three months. Continue reading »

Nov 092013

17-Dec-13 11-40-03 AMWe now have four full years of repeat photography available, October 2009 – October 2013. Sequences of still images were converted to video format for display on the YouTube website. During the three years of the project we have learned the strengths and weaknesses of our photography, and how best to present our results. That learning has been incorporated in our latest video. Continue reading »

Jan 102013

Since 2008 volunteers of the Friends of Mount Majura, the Mount Ainslie Weeders, the Watson Woodland Working Group and the wider public assisted Parks and Conservation Service with the control of rabbits in the Mt Ainslie and Mt Majura nature reserves. For three years in a row volunteers recorded rabbit warrens using GPS. In 2011/12 fiftyfive volunteers spent over 750 hours monitoring warrens of more than 1300 heactares bushland and recorded 1167 rabbit warrens. Click here to learn more about the project. Continue reading »