National Tree Day 2014 Planting Party on Mt Majura @ Mt Majura nature reserve east of The Fair, North Watson
Jul 27 @ 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Come and celebrate National Tree Day 2014 with a planting party in the Mt Majura nature park. Join Shane Rattenbury, Minister for Municipal and Territory Services for a fun demonstration on How to plant and then get your hands dirty and plant local trees, shrubs and flowers. Bring your mum and dad and friends and make the event a real community planting party.

This year’s event will be the third stage of a community re-vegetation project that started in Winter 2012 in the nature park behind The Fair in North Watson. We aim to replace weeds with local native plants, provide habitat for little woodland birds and improve the overall condition of the degraded endangered grassy woodland in the area.

National Tree Day is a wonderful opportunity for new and old neighbours of Mt Majura to work together, get to know each other and promote the joys of our local bush environment.

When: Sunday 27 July 2014, from 1.00pm to 3.30pm
Volunteer registration opens at 12.45pm
Come early for a fun demonstration on How to plant with Shane Rattenbury, MLA, Minister for TAMS.

Mount Majura nature park behind (east of) The Fair in North Watson. Access intersection Tay and Ian Nicol Sts, The Fair or via nature park entrance Antill Street opposite Carotel for a 5-minutes walk to the planting site; click on this map to view the planting area and access points.

Car parking: along Antill Street opposite the nature park entrance; limited car parking space at The Fair and along Aspinall Street / Solstice.

What to wear: Garden gloves, appropriate clothing and foot wear, wrap up warmly.

What to bring: Bucket, trowel or small mattock if you have one; please label items with your phone number so that we can reunite any left-behinds with the owner.

Enjoy warm-up drinks, Timtams and a thank-you BBQ run by the Majura Mountain Scouts.

Enquiries: e-mail, phone 62477517

Contact number on the day: 0435 357 172

Promote the event: download this poster

Register your volunteering. Volunteers can register for the National Tree Day planting on Mount Majura; to register please click Planet Ark Friends of Mt Majura Site.

Check out the species that we will plant: click on List of plants

View last year’s National Tree Day: report and photos

Click the little pamphlet How to plant

National Tree Day Media Release


Thank you for support. Friends of Mt Majura  gratefully acknowledge support from ACT Parks and Conservation Service, Majura Mountain Scouts, North Canberra Community Council, Hackett Community Association, Conservation Council ACT Region, Greening Australia, and Village Building Company.

National Tree Day is held annually by Planet Ark which runs the Australian wide project to encourage mass tree plantings and to communicate the merit of trees.

Majura Paddock Working Party @ Mt Majura nature reserve
Aug 24 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Plantings at the Majura paddock drainage line  (W.Pix)

Join this working party and celebrate the return of Majura horse holding paddocks 5 and 6 to nature reserve; read more about the Majura paddocks here.

When: Sunday, 24 August from 1.00pm to 4.00pm, come for an hour or more; tea and cake around 2.30pm. (this event was scheduled for Sunday 17 August and  postponed due to welcome rain).

Where: Meet at the Hackett water reservoir close to the Rivett and French Streets intersection; view this map.

What: Hand-weed horehound and other herbaceous weeds around plantings; remove outgrown tree guards; celebrate with tea, coffee and cake at around 2.30pm.

Wear and bring: Sun protection, sturdy shoes, old garden clothing with long sleeves and pants. We’ll provide gloves and tools.

Enquiries: email or phone 62477515

Trees of Mount Ainslie and Mount Majura @ Mt Ainslie and Mt Majura nature reserves
Aug 31 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Snow gum, flower buds and fruits (W.Pix)

Enjoy a gentle and informative walk on the slopes of Mount Ainslie with local ecologist Michael Doherty.

Learn how to identify local woodland and forest trees, see where they occur and hear how they survive fire and drought.

When: Sunday, 31 August 2014, 2.00 – 4.00pm

Where: Nature park entrance, Kellaway St car park close to Phillip Ave, Hackett; view this map.

Wear and bring: Sturdy shoes, sun protection, and drinking water.

Tree guides are available for a gold coin donation.

Enquiries: phone 6248 8955

Snow gum leaf with parallel veins (W.Pix)


Read about The Eucalypts and Wattles (Michael Doherty, August 2012)

View some features of eucalypts and other trees in this tree picture gallery.

The walk is jointly hosted by the Friends of Mount Majura and the Mount Ainslie Weeders parkCare groups.

Spring Working Party @ The Fair @ Mt Majura nature reserve behind The Fair
Sep 21 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Native flowers  and shrubs planted on National Tree Day 2014 (W.Pix)

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with a working party and give the seedlings planted on National Tree Day a head start for summer.
When: Sunday 21 September 1pm – 4pm; come for an hour or longer.
Where: Meet at the nature park entrance intersection Tay Street and Ian Nicol Street, The Fair, North Watson, view this map.
Bring: sun protection, sturdy shoes, long sleeve and pants.

We’ll provide tools and afternoon tea.

Download this poster for promotion.

Inquiries: e-mail or ph. 6247 7515


Rare Plant Survey @ Mt Majura nature reserve
Oct 19 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Rare plant Five corners, Styphelia triflora (W.Pix 07.03.2014)

Mount Majura Nature Reserve is home to a number of rare and endangered plant species, some endemic to the ACT and some at their range distribution limit in the Territory.

What are they and where are they?

Join Dr. Michael Mulvaney, ACT Conservation, Planning and Research for a survey of Mount Majura’s rare plants.

When: Sunday, 19 October 2014, 10am – 12noon

Where: Meet at nature park entrance Antill Street roughly opposite of Carotel, North Watson; view this map

Bring and wear: sun protection, sturdy shoes, water, something to write, and a camera if you have one.
Some survey kits will be provided; the kits include a list of rare plants recorded within or in the vicinity of the Mount Majura nature reserve.
Inquires: e-mail or ph. 6247 7515

Download this poster for promotion

Information from surveying the presence and abundance of rare plants within the nature reserve will guide management, planning, development and conservation decisions. For instance the finding of protected plant species at the Majura paddocks had been considered important for the decision to return the paddocks to nature reserve.

Pictures of some of the listed rare plant species are available at Canberra Nature Map and the Rare Plant Gallery.

Prickly Moses, Acacia ulicifolia (W. Pix 06.07.2014)


Wildflower Walk @ Mt Ainslie and Mt Majura nature reserves
Oct 26 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Nodding Blue Lily, Stypandra glauca, white form (W.Pix)

Explore the wildflowers that are blooming this season at this delightful walk with plant ecologist Michael Doherty.

See the different species found in the grassland, woodland and open forest. Enjoy the beauty of nature, the grasses, trees, and views whilst you go.

When: Sunday, 26th October 2014, 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Where: Meet at the Kellaway St nature park entrance close to Phillip Ave, Hackett; click on this map to see the meeting point.

Parrot-pea (W.Pix)

Bring and Wear: Sun protection, suitable clothing for the expected weather, comfortable and appropriate footwear and a camera if you have one;

An updated Flora list will be available for a gold coin donation.

Enquiries: email or ph. 0488 218 784

Download this poster for promotion of the event

Bird Walk @ Mt Majura nature reserve
Nov 9 @ 8:00 am – 10:00 am
GBC IMG_0215

Glossy Black Cockatoo on Mt Majura. (T. Henshaw, 7.9.2014)

Accompany bird enthusiast Peter Miller for an early morning stroll and see, listen to and learn about Mt Majura’s birds that nest, fledge and sing in spring.

Sunday, 9 November 2014, 8.00 am (sharp) to 10.00 am
Meet at the nature park entrance Mackenzie Street roughly opposite Grayson St, Hackett (click on map)

Bring sun protection, sturdy shoes, binoculars, if you have them and a gold coin for a species list and pocket guide.

Enquiries: or ph. 6248 8955

The grassy woodlands and open forests of Mt Majura provide habitat to a wide range of resident and visiting birds from the majestic Wedge-tailed Eagle to the tiny Weebill. There have been confirmed sightings of 112 different bird species in the nature reserve (Canberra Ornithologists Group) including some rare and endangered species such as the Glossy Black Cockatoo – click here to view some photographs of GBC taken recently on Mt Majura.

Download this poster for promotion.

Share photos of Mt Majura’s birds @ FoMM Flickr.

Working Bee @ The Majura Paddock @ Mt Majura nature reserve off Rivett/French sts
Nov 16 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
MP2014 Planting site 3 view from east DSCN1167

Majura paddock plantings

Join us for a working bee at the Majura Paddock and help control herbaceous and woody weeds in the endangered Yellow Box Red Gum Grassy Woodland and near-by drainage line.

When: Sunday 16 November 9am-12 noon, come for an hour or more
Where:  Meet at the FoMM noticeboard at the lower Hackett water reservoir, off Rivett /French Sts, view this map.
Bring and wear:  Sun protection, sturdy shoes, long sleeves and pants, and garden gloves if you have them. We’ll provide tools.
Enquiries: Ph. 6247 7515 or email

Saffron Thistle Weed Blitz @ The Fair @ Mt Majura nature reserve behind The Fair
Nov 23 @ 8:00 am – 10:00 am

Saffron Thistle flower

When: Sunday, 23 November 2014, 8.00am to 10.00am; come for half an hour or more – you will make a difference.
Where: The Fair planting site, intersection Tay and Ian Nicol Streets, North Watson (map).
What: Control of Saffron thistles by pulling and chipping.
Bring: Sun protection, water, leather gloves if you have them; we will bring some pairs of gloves and tools.

Enquiries: or 62477515

We will be conducting additional Saffron Blitz activities on Sunday 30 November and Sunday 7 December: same time and place. Please watch this space for further announcements.

Saffron thistle young plant and rosette

Saffron thistle, Carthamus lanatus, native to the Mediterranean region and western Asia is arguably the most widespread thistle in Australia and a declared pest plant in all States and the ACT.
It is very hardy, rigid and prickly and competes with other plants for moisture, light and nutrients. Seeds buried in the soil can survive for over 10 years but rarely germinate at depths below 5 cm; most seeds germinate within 3 years of release. A key part of Saffron thistle control is to exhaust the soil seed bank using a combination of chemical and mechanical practices.
Friends of Mt Majura successfully controlled Saffron thistle at the old sheep camp on Majura ridge. For three consecutive years we pulled and chipped the troublesome weed and numbers are significantly down to just a few isolated plants germinating each year. We hope to achieve similar results at grassy woodland behind The Fair.

The Saffron thistles have not yet flowered and placing in bags is not required at this stage.

Waltraud Pix

FoMM Annual General Meeting @ ACT Sportshouse
Nov 26 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

When: Wednesday, 26 November, 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm

Where: ACT Sportshouse, 100 Maitland St, Hackett.

Please join the Friends of Mount Majura for their Annual General Meeting. We would like to take the opportunity to review FoMM’s activities over the last year, to discuss FoMM’s plans for the next year and to formally elect a committee. If you are interested, we wholeheartedly invite you to consider joining the FoMM committee and to contribute in any way you see fit. We will also have a talk and a discussion on the topic of ParkCare and Kangaroos.



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