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Jan 312008

Join ANU myrmecologist Ajay Narendra for a glimpse into the fascinating world of ants and learn about their amazing navigation skills.

When: Thursday, 21 February 2008, 7.30 to 9.00 pm
Where: Blue Gum School Friends Lounge, Hackett shops

Enquiries: ph 6247 7515 or e-mail

The talk is part of a free lecture series
Hilltop to Backfence Celebrating 5 Years of ParkCare on Mount Majura
The lectures cover a range of local environmental issues and explore biodiversity at our doorstep.

Dec 222007

List of ant species seen on Walking with Ants (25 March and 1 April 2007)   The list contains the genus name of ants, the number of species observed (in brackets) and the scientific name of identified species.

Camponotus (2) Sugar Ant, Camponotus consobrinus
Iridomyrmex (2) Meat Ant, Iridomyrmex purpureus
Monomorium (1) Seed Harvester Ants
Myrmecia (4) Jack Jumper, Myrmecia pilosula
Giant Bulldog Ant, Myrmecia tarsata
Giant Bulldog Ant, Myrmecia nigriceps
Giant Bulldog Ant, Myrmecia pyriformis
Pheidole (1) Seed Harvester Ants
Polyrhachis (5) Members of the 5 species were found on one Scribbly gum tree at Mt Majura ridge.
Rhytidoponera (2) Green Headed Metallic Ant, Rhytidoponera metallica
Apr 012007

About eighty people of all ages joined ANU myrmecologist Ajay Narendra for a walk with ants on Mt Majura. On Sunday 23 March we discovered various species of ants at the lower slopes of Mt Majura and learned many interesting facts about the natural history of these insects, such as their leading ecological role as predators and scavengers and their highly social organisation in caste systems (for more details see Peter Millers’ report below). Continue reading »

Mar 252007

More than 60 people, many in the under 10 category, were entertained by Ajay Narendra. Ajay provided a fascinating glimpse into the life of ants. Starting with some facts and figures, ~12 000 ant species world wide, ~1500 in Australia, the biggest ant in the world is sausage ant of the Amazon, up to 55mm in length, while a species of bull ant around Alice can grow up to 40mm. Continue reading »