Majura paddock – Friends of Mount Majura
Aug 272016
Majura paddock bathing in Evening Light Tristan Armstrong 12.02.2012 IMG_8974

Majura paddock with plantings bathing in evening light (Photo T. Armstrong)

Spring into action at the spring working party held by the Friends of Mt Majura on Sunday 18 September at the Majura paddock. Help remove protective guards that are outgrown by their plant inhabitants or go on weed patrol and tackle the last pesky Paterson’s Curse that grow on the paddock.

Meet at 1pm at the ParkCare notice board opposite of the Hackett water reservoir off Rivett / French Streets intersection (click on this map) and give as much time as you like.

Please bring sun protection and garden gloves if you have them. Tools and tea will be provided.


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The work session will be cancelled of it rains; inquiry ph 6247 7515 or mob 0435 357 172



Oct 222015
Horehound @ Majura paddock DSCN1425

Horehound at Majura paddock. Removal of competitive weeds benefit local native plants.

Join FoMM’s weeds working party held on Sunday, 15 November and help remove Privet and other woody weeds growing in and around the drain close to the Hackett reservoir and horehound in the nearby Majura Paddock.

Come early for an introduction and give as much time as you want.

When: Sunday 15 November 2015, 9am to 12noon

Where: Meet at ParkCare notice board opposite of the water reservoir off Rivett Street and French Street intersection, view this map.

Bring and wear: Sun protection, body covering garden clothing and sturdy shoes.

You need no experience to attend this event; instructions and tools will be provided on site.

Inquiries: ph 6247 7515 or

Drainage line in November 2004, overgrown with Ivy, Honeysuckle, Privet and other woody weeds

Drainage line 14.11.2013 DSCN0199

… and many volunteer hours later in November 2013. The continuous supply of seeds from nearby gardens requires annual woody weed removal.


Aug 182014


Shrub plantings at the Majura Paddock  (W. Pix). Woody weeds, that once occupied the Majura paddock drainage line have been replaced with local shrub species such as native boxthorn, Cassinia and Silver wattle. The weed removal and planting of local shrubs was carried out in a staged process over a 5-years period.

Celebrate the return of the Majura paddocks to nature reserve with a working party and afternoon tea.

When: Sunday 24 August from 1.00pm to 4.00pm; come for an hour or more; tea around 2.30pm.

Where: Meet at the Hackett water reservoir close to the Rivett and French Streets intersection; view this map.

What: Hand-weed horehound and other herbaceous weeds around plantings; remove outgrown tree guards; celebrate with tea, coffee and cake at around 2.30pm.

Wear and bring: Sun protection, sturdy shoes, old garden clothing with long sleeves and pants. We’ll provide gloves and tools.

Enquiries: email or phone 62477515

Majura paddock ground cover plantings (W. Pix, Sept 2013). Once standing plants and short-lived soil-stored seeds are lost from an area, planting and direct seeding is the only way to increase the diversity of native ground cover species.

We will be removing guards only from advanced plants or plants that will have no chance to ever establish under the excessive grazing pressure.

Grazing damaged Cassinia @ Majura paddock (W.Pix 18.08.2014)

Grazing damaged Cassinia longifolia planted at the Majura paddock. The premature removal of the protective guard exposed the plant to grazing. Photo taken on the 18 August, ten days after the removal of the guard. Note the fibers at the damaged branches: the plant was not grazed by rabbits as rabbit grazing results in clear secateurs like cuts.

See more examples of heavy grazed Cassinia:

    Cassinia 3

    Cassinia 2

    Cassinia 1