10th National Tree Day on Mt Majura, Sunday 30 July 2017

Over 90 enthusiastic volunteers of all age cohorts turned up at nature reserve east of The Fair to plant local trees, shrubs and wildflowers at the Friends of Mt Majura 10th National Tree Day.

More than any words, these photographs and the time-lapse video taken by Steve Bittinger convincingly show that people had a great afternoon helping out.

A big thank you to all our volunteers for a very successful and enjoyable planting event!

In particular I like to thank

Peter O’Neill for digging the planting holes – very much appreciated;

Parks Service Raf Gobin for carting water;

Urban Service rangers for depositing piles of wood chip mulch;

Parks Service rangers Phil Selmes, Alison McLeod, Pat Harvey and Simon Stratford for giving their time providing fantastic support;

The helpers on site Jo Lynch, Jenni Marsh, Lynne Alexander, Lesely McGrane, Chris Paterson, Joseph Stapelton, Noel Brichall and Jochen Zeil who were there when needed, ensuring everything worked smoothly and no water was wasted;

Steve Bittinger for the brilliant photographs and time-lapse video and for sharing them on Flickr and YouTube;

Jean Chesson for catering and baking delicious muffins, thanks also to anonymous for the wonderful chocolate cup cakes which together with tons of Timtams were gone quickly;

Cindy Allen for putting up posters;

Barbara Inglis for the help with volunteer registration;

Leigh Cameron for coordinating the Majura Mountain Scouts;

Greening Australia volunteers and staff for raising and arranging the seedlings;

Molonglo Catchment Group for a grant to buy the plant seedlings and some tools;

And last not least, a big thank you to Shane Rattenbury, MLA for a great demonstration “how to plant” which was enjoyed by everyone.

Click here to view the species planted on Sunday. There were two distinct planting sites: Lilies and Everlastings planted at a Majura Mountain scouts dedicated grassy woodland site and a mix of local wattles species and native box thorn planted along a gully where volunteers carried out erosion control work over the past two years. In addition twenty eucalypts were planted in a widely scattered pattern at these two sites.

Silver wattles and other wattles were planted along the eroding gully (S.Bittinger)

Friends of Mt Majura, National Tree Day 2017 coordinator, 31 July 2017

Scouts planted Everlastings and Bulbine lilies (S. Bittinger)

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