(16/10/2011) Report on Spring Working Party

By Will Floyd (Crowajingalong scout)

was on the Sunday, 16 October, from 9am to mid-day
near the Hackett water reservoir (at the corner of Rivett and French Street)

We turned up at Hackett water reservoir at 9am with our sun screen, broad brimmed hats and sturdy shoes. After a quick intro talk we got to work watering and re-protecting seedlings.

This is how we watered and re-protected the seedlings:

  1. We removed waste matter and guards from around seedlings
  2. We placed moist newspaper around the seedlings
  3. We placed straw cut from nearby grass around plant
  4. We put plant guard back around plant
  5. We put sticks around the plant protector

We had a great day in the sun protecting and watering plants. Plus morning tea was provided (Mmmmm!).

Amount of people who came:

  • About 8 Adults
  • 7 Kids (most from Mount Majura scouts)
  • 1 Dog(she was very fluffy)

You can see our photos on Flickr here

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