Along a trail with ants on Mount Majura (21.03.2010) Booked out

Sorry: The Ant Walk  is booked out.

Join ANU myrmecologist Dr. Ajay Narendra for a glimpse into the fascinating world of one of the most dominant animals on the planet.

When: Sunday 21 March, 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm
meet at Mackenzie / Grayson Sts nature park entrance, Hackett (view map)
sun protection, sturdy boots and a magnifying glass if you have one.
(with adults) are especially welcome; suitable for kids aged 8 years and older
Limited places!
Booking and enquiries: P 62477515 or E
A gold coin donation to support Friends of Mt Majura conservation work would be highly welcome.

Ants play a leading role in the environment as predators and scavengers. Their highly social organization, effective communication and amazing navigation skills have been the object of research for generations. Mount Majura has a rich diversity of ants including several species of bull dog ants.

Ajay Narendra is part of the research team studying navigation strategies in Jack Jumpers (Myrmecia croslandi) in Hackett. Find out about Jack Jumpers and other ants on Ajay’s website at

Jack Jumper (photo: Ajay Narendra)

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