Celebrate World Environment Day 2010

Sunday 6 June, from 1.00 pm to 3.30 pm

A growing wildlife corridor will be featured at the World Envirnment Day event.

Join your local ParkCare groups in celebrating World Environment Day 2010. The Friends of Mount Majura, the Mount Ainslie Weeders and the Watson Woodland Working Group will host a bush walk, talk and tea and warmly invite you to share in the progress of their work to protect the woodlands of our nature reserves.

The event will kick off at 1.00 pm at two meeting points (view this map):
Meet at Mount Ainslie nature park entrance at Phillip Avenue / Kellaway Street
Meet at the Roma Mitchell Crescent gate into the Justice Robert Hope Park in North Watson.

You will see how ParkCare volunteers enhance the bush environment and learn about the processes involved in revegetation.

You can then join in a gentle winter walk to our final stop at the National Tree Day 2009 planting site close to the Hackett reservoir off Rivett and French Streets on Mount Majura (car parking at Helms Pl off Rivett St).

Here you will be welcomed with afternoon tea and delicious cakes.

You can skip the walks and join us directly for afternoon tea and events at Mount Majura which will commence around 2.15pm.

You will discover how grazing impacts on the grassy woodlands at a near-by fence demonstration site, observe the results of the rabbit control in the area and see the difference between weeded and unweeded sites.

Local resident and ecologist Dr. Phillip Gibbons of the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the ANU will give an informative talk on how we can juggle the conservation of Canberra’s ancient trees with the risks they present to people and property.

Canberra’s large eucalypts are up to 600 years old. They were here well before the first European settlers and are effectively irreplaceable. Old trees represent critical habitat to much of our biodiversity, but are becoming increasingly rare in our urban and agricultural landscapes. Phil will discuss the values of our large trees, why they are disappearing in our managed landscapes and how we might conserve ancient trees while minimising risk to people and property.

For further information contact the local ParkCare Coordinator

Coordinators of the Mt Ainslie Weeders Margaret and Jeanette at the old Ainslie tip

Mount Ainslie Weeders coordinator: 6247 7684
Friends of Mount Majura coordinator: 6247 7515 or admin@majura.org
Watson Woodland Working Group coordinator: 6241 3024

Please help promote the event: download the poster or the flyer for distribution

Meet at 1pm

Choose between

Mt Ainslie park entrance gate Phillip Ave/ Kellaway Street and view the re-vegetation work on the old Ainslie tip.

Justice Robert Hope Park gate at Roma Mitchell Crescent, North Watson and learn about the Watson Woodlands.
Walk at 1.30pm

from Mt Ainslie (2.4km) or from Watson Woodland (700m) to Mt Majura.
Afternoon tea at 2.15pm

Combine at lower Hackett reservoir off Rivett / French Streets (car park at Helms Place) for afternoon tea, talk and inspection of local conservation projects.
Conclusion at 3.30pm

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