English Ivy massacre

Hardenbergia violacea, a spreading ground cover plant that flowers in spring is one of the local species to replace Ivy and Honeysuckle that have been removed from the gully (photo W. Pix)

On Sunday, 14th April five Friends of Mt Majura worked extremely hard to remove English Ivy from the lower part of the drainage gully close to the Hackett water reservoir.

Many thanks to Tanja, Kate, Paul and Graham for digging, hacking and pulling out over a cubic meter of this nasty weed.  

The drain line is known habitat for turtles and frogs and thus we opted to mechanically remove the weeds rather than using herbicide.

All in all, we managed to remove over half of the Ivy. Plans for the future are to clear the remainder and then to plant the local Hardenbergia along the slopes of the gully and native sedges along the bottom. The seeds are already collected.


28 April 2019


English Ivy before…

… and after the removal session on 14th April – note the 2 Silver wattles on the edge of the gully in the middle of the photographs…

… and the remainder waiting to be removed.





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