Friends of Mount Majura (FoMM) Newsletter – May 2019

Post Election Working Party – Sunday 19 May 2019, 1pm – 4pm
FoMM will be hosting a Post Election Day Working Party to remove pesky horehound at an old stock camp. Give as much time as you like.
Where: “Sheep camp south” at the Mt Majura ridge; click on this map to view the location of the sheep camp (red marker) and access routes (green lines).
How to get there:
(1) From the nature park entrance Mackenzie Street (roughly opposite Grayson Street) walk in east direction along the maintenance road (Blue Metal Road); at the saddle turn right, pass the upper Hackett water reservoir and walk uphill in a southwest direction to access the stock camp.
(2) From the nature reserve entrance Kellaway Street car park turn left then walk uphill (southeast) on the fire trail named Hancock road; pass the transmission power line easement after about 500m and continue walking uphill close to the saddle; turn left and walk the trail uphill in a northeast direction to access the stock camp.
The walks will take about 20 to 30 minutes from both nature park entrances.
Bring: Sun protection, sturdy shoes, drinking water, and gloves if you have them.
Enjoy: Great views over Canberra and Majura Valley.
Inquiries: Email
Click here for more information.

Horehound is a common weed often found at old stock camps. (Photo: Waltraud Pix)

Bird Walk – Sunday 5 May 2019, 8am (sharp) – 10am
Walk through the woodlands with bird enthusiast Peter Miller to spot, observe, listen to, and learn about the amazing variety of birds on Mt Majura. With over two hundred recorded species, Canberra and the surrounding region has the richest bird life of any Australian capital city. Roughly half – 112 species – have been recorded on Mt Majura! If you have an interest in our feathered friends check out the website of the Canberra Ornithologists Group (COG) which has lots of information on the distribution, seasonal occurrence and breeding of birds, as well as brilliant photographs taken by COG members and even records of calls of some species.
Where: Meet at nature reserve entrance Tay St / Ian Nicol St, at The Fair, North Watson (volunteer registration point on this map)
Bring: sun protection and a Gold Coin donation for a bird list; wear appropriate clothing for the weather.
Recommended: Binoculars, a bird guide or bird id app if you have them.
Enquiries: Email

Scarlet robins, a species declared vulnerable in the ACT, visit Mt Majura in winter and can be spotted in the reserve east of The Fair. The photo shows a male with its brilliant red chest. (Photo: David Cook, COG)

English Ivy massacre
On Sunday 14 April five Friends of Mt Majura worked extremely hard to remove English Ivy from the lower part of the drainage gully close to the Hackett water reservoir. Many thanks to Tanja, Kate, Paul and Graham for digging, hacking and pulling out over a cubic meter of this nasty weed. The drain line is known habitat for turtles and frogs and thus we opted to mechanically remove the weeds rather than using herbicide. All in all, we managed to remove over half of the Ivy. Plans for the future are to clear the remainder and then to plant the local Hardenbergia along the slopes of the gully and native sedges along the bottom. The seeds are already collected.
Waltraud Pix 28 April 2019

The drainage gully after English Ivy was removal on 14 April, with the remainder waiting to be removed on the right. (Photo: Waltraud Pix)

Other news and events:

Canberra Tree Week 2019 – Saturday 4 May to Sunday 12 May
Canberra Tree Week is a celebration of all things trees in Canberra. Our city is full of beautiful, unique and exceptional trees and forests that provide many positive benefits to the community. Download the Calendar of Events here. Includes the Canberra Tree Week Symposium at the Australian National Botanical Gardens. Topics include loss of mature trees, indigenous tree management and trees and climate change.

Draft Woodlands Strategy consultation opens
The Draft ACT Native Woodland Conservation Strategy is now open for public comment until 24 May 2019. The ACT Government has developed the draft strategy to guide the protection, restoration and management of ACT woodlands for the next 10 years. The new strategy will replace the current Lowland Woodland Conservation Strategy. Have your say by writing a submission here.

Draft Cat Plan consultation opens
The ACT Government has released the Draft ACT Cat Plan and is seeking community feedback. Until 28 June 2019 they are asking how we can better manage cats in the ACT. You can respond to the Government survey and consultation here.

World Environment Day Dinner – Saturday 1 June 2019, 6.30 – 10.30pm
The Conservation Council ACT Region is hosting the 2019 World Environment Day Dinner at the Gandel Atrium, National Museum of Australia. Dr Bob Brown, former senator and leader of the federal Greens party, will deliver the keynote address on “Optimism and Defiance”. Click here for more information and to book tickets.

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