Friends of Mt Majura Coordinator steps back

Dear Friends

It took several years of lobbying until the ACT government agreed to support a parkCare group for Mount Majura. In July 2003 founding members met the first time and chose the name Friends of Mount Majura (FoMM). I have been nominated the coordinator and held this position until yesterday.

After ten years I decided to step back as coordinator of FoMM.

There are two reasons for my decision. Firstly my disappointment with government decisions and actions (or inactions) in the past years that affect parkCare work and the conservation of the natural environment in the reserve. This had a tremendous impact on my energy and enthusiasm. Lacking the energy and enthusiasm I found it increasingly difficult to reach out in a positive way to you, the wider community and the government.

Secondly the work load has become unsustainable as I tried to combine the coordinator with many other tasks and on-ground work. I do need a break badly.

Over the past months a group of FoMM volunteers has worked on a new and more sustainable structure for FoMM with the aim to distribute tasks.  A team of interim coordinator, convenor, secretary and treasurer has been nominated and will keep you informed as the changes are taking hold. A first Annual General Meeting is being planned for the beginning of October. FoMM will be holding events through the transition period which will be announced through newsletter and website. I will be helping with a smooth transfer and I will continue working with local schools, the scouts and The Fair Ladies and looking after the sheep camp and a number of other projects – doubtless you’ll see me on the mountain.

I’m very proud of our achievements and I’m positive about the future of FoMM. I’d like to thank you all for your interest and support over the years. In particular I’d like to thank staff and rangers of the Parks and Conservation Service, Mitchell for ongoing support and cooperation.

I hope you will be enjoying Mount Majura and parkCaring for the next decade.


29 July 2013

Coming up events
Working Bee Majura Paddock, Sunday 14. July 2013 from 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Horehound blitz, install sturdy protective guards, replant grazing losses – choose your pet activity; for more information go to
National Tree Day community planting, Sunday 28 July 2013 from 1.00pm to 3.30pm
Join Shane Rattenbury, Minister for TAMS for an introduction on “how to plant”, help improve grassy woodland and be rewarded  with a BBQ by the Majura Mountain Scouts;
view details of the spectacle at
Wanted: Planting Buddies. We are looking for volunteers who can assist novice planters at FoMM’s big annual planting party on National Tree Day, Sunday 28 July. Ideally you have experience with planting in the field however this is not a must. Come along to the 14 July working bee for a “How to plant” session or arrive an hour before the National Tree Day event starts for an introduction.
Input in the review of the Parks and City Services Volunteer Policy; a request from Jasmine Foxlee,  ACT ParkCare and Volunteer Coordinator
Dear volunteers and coordinators,
We are seeking your input, perspectives and ideas on the existing Parks and City Services’ ParkCare and Urban Landcare program, and the associated Volunteer Policy 2009.
You need not have read the existing Volunteer Policy to undertake the survey. Similarly, you do not need to be a regular volunteer to complete the survey.
The survey will take you between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. The information you provide will be used to inform a review of the existing Volunteer Policy and improve the way we support volunteer groups working on ACT parks, reserves and open space.
To go into the draw to win a $50 voucher from the Yarralumla Nursery please reply to when you have completed the survey. By doing so your individual survey response will remain anonymous, I will simply have a record that you have completed a survey.
If this opportunity to provide feedback interests you, please complete the online survey by Sunday 21 July 2013.
Thanks in advance for your time.
Kind Regards

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