Friends of Mt Majura (FoMM) February 2006 Newsletter

Woody Weeds Working Bee: Sunday, 19 February

Seed Collection
Haiku Walk on Mt Majura
Dragonfly Informational Event
Good news: Saffron thistles gone
Bad news: Scotch thistles at pine plantation threaten FoMM rehabilitation project.
Next Steps for FoMM
Dear Friends
Welcome to the first Friends of Mt Majura (FoMM) newsletter in 2006. The past year was a busy year for FoMM and thanks to plenty of rain it was also a beautiful year on the mountain. Please find out more by visiting our website

Woody Weeds Working Bee
When: coming Sunday, 19 February 2006, 8.30 am – noon
Where: follow the maintenance road off Mackenzie Street, Hackett until you see the Environment ACT trailer at the upper dam
Bring: sun protection, water, sturdy boots, and full body covering clothing
Aim: Removal of environmental woody weeds along the drainage line off Mackenzie Street.
Method: Search and destroy using the cut and dab method.
Introduction for novice weeders: be early for an induction on target weeds, method and OH&S.
For more information and a view of the meeting point please visit our website.

Seed Collection
We will harvest seeds from local Eucalypts and native boxthorn for FoMM revegetation projects. This will be an opportunity to get familiar with some of the tree species in the reserve. FoMM has permission to collect seeds for rehabilitation work within the reserve.
When: on one of the first weekends in March pending on seed ripeness of target plants
Where: along Casuarina trail off Mackenzie Street park entrance and at former sheep camp
Date, time and meeting point to be confirmed on short notice.

Haiku Walk on Mt Majura
Sarah St Vincent Welch, creative writing teacher and FoMM member will lead a gentle walk on Mt Majura and introduce you into the traditional three-line form of Japanese poetry. The haiku walk will be conducted in conjunction with the Majura Festival.
When: Saturday 18 March
Time, meeting point and booking details to be confirmed. Places will be limited.

Dragonfly Informational Event
FoMM plans an informational event at the dams for the community at the end of March / beginning of April. Details of the event will be available from our website and in the next FoMM newsletter.

Good news: Saffron thistles gone.
FoMM works to rehabilitate the former sheep camp at Majura ridge along the popular Casuarina trail. Thanks to 14 people, who joint forces during two Sunday mornings in January the saffron thistles have disappeared from the area. The cleared sites have been immediately reseeded with local plants. The seeding will be repeated in spring.

Bad news: Scotch thistles at the pine plantation threaten FoMM rehabilitation project.
Thick stands of tall Scotch thistles are growing along the fire trail that runs along the fence between the pine plantation and the nature reserve. The thistle growth is the direct result of major grading work in the pine plantation about a year ago and the lack of any follow-up weed control by the responsible government agency. The thistles are currently releasing their seeds. A shocking amount of seeds have been blown into the nature reserve and onto the sheep camp rehabilitation site. This is a real blow to our efforts to control weeds in the reserve and particular for our work at the sheep camp. I will request a meeting with government officials to discuss a solution to the problem.

Next Steps for FoMM
The FoMM Action Committee met on February 8 to consider ways of sustaining the momentum the group has built up over the first couple of years.
The committee decided to extend an invitation to all interested people to attend a half-day planning session in July to celebrate our achievements, develop and prioritise medium-term plans, and call for volunteers for the ‘next generation’ Action Committee.
On other issue concerned the options we have to raise around $150 per annum, which are needed to coordinate events and to cover the basic costs of running the group. To keep things going and cover past expenses, Action Committee members have spontaneously chipped in $50 each at the meeting.  If you would like to support FoMM financially, please contact

For the minutes of the Action Committee meeting or any enquiry please send an e-mail to

Warm regards
Friends of Mt Majura co-ordinator

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