Honeysuckle goes at the May work party

Grace, Lani and Sam having fun (W.Pix)

On a perfect Canberra late autumn day ten volunteers helped removing four cubic meter of Japanese Honeysuckle from the lower part of the drainage gully close to the lower Hackett reservoir.

A big Thank You to Grace, Lani, Sam, Felicity, Chris, Tanja, Margy, Max and Jochen for this wonderful and very satisfying massacre. It was particularly encouraging to have so many engaged young people and Margy’s delicious cake was a truly earned treat for everyone.

Participants were startled by a fox hiding in the thickets.

Can you spot the little frog? (M. Pouwer)

All weeds were pulled rather than cut and sprayed with herbicide. The drain line is known habitat for long neck turtles and frogs and alas participants of the work party were delighted to spot a little frog of which Max took this photo.

21 May 2017

Honeysuckle clocks up the bottom part of the drain line (W.Pix)


Piles of pulled Honeysuckle ready to be picked up and disposed off at Canberra Sand and Gravel Green Waste (W.Pix)

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