Kurrajong Miniature Portrait, November 2008

BOTANICAL NAME  Brachychiton populneus

COMMON NAME  Kurrajong

FAMILY  Sterculiaceae

SPECIES NAMING  poplar-like (refers to the shape of the leaves)

GROWTH HABIT  to 10 m with tapered trunk and dense dark green crown

BARK smooth to finely scaled, grey

LEAVES shiny surface, of variable shape but generally like poplar leaves; leaves of young trees with 3-5 lobes;

FLOWERS unisexual, bell-shaped, cream red-flecked; attract native sting-less bee (Trigona sp)

FRUIT black, large, boat-shaped, leathery follicle with golden hairs inside

OCCURRENCE  rocky hill slopes in dry forests

WHERE TO SEE ON MT MAJURA  close to Majura paddocks where fire trail crosses the creek line; along summit trail

NOTES  semi-deciduous, may shed leaves in summer; good shade and fodder tree; specimens along Mount Majura summit track have been planted; street tree Limestone Avenue

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