National Tree Day 2012

National Tree Day on Mount Majura – July 27th and 29th, 2012

Blue Gum School – Morning Crew

National Tree Day started on the morning of Friday 27th, July when over 70 students, teachers and parents of the Hackett Blue Gum Community School planted more than 130 clustered everlastings, local wattles, native boxthorn and indigo at their dedicated sites in the Majura paddock.

Blue Gum School – Afternoon Crew

In the afternoon there was a  biting wind and chilly rain but the spirits of the children remained bouyant. By the end the sun came back out and there were smiles all round. Plus a forest of expertly mulched plant guards.

Look here for hi-res versions of these pictures.

Conditions were fine on public National Tree Day, Sunday 29th July, when 101 volunteers from Hackett, Watson and other parts of north Canberra joined Andrew Leigh and Shane Rattenbury to plant over 500 seedlings of local trees,

Andrew and Sebastian Leigh demonstrated the correct planting techniques

shrubs, flowers and ground cover plants. This year we were planting on the slopes behind the new development called The Fair.  This location has had some hard usage over the years and is quite degraded which is why it is so important to start the process of planting with native species to make it a diverse and beautiful part of Mt Majura.

Looking down towards The Fair. Imagine this scene in a few years when all the new seedlings are flourishing

Thank you to all volunteers who helped to make National Tree Day 2012 on Mount Majura a wonderful experience and great success.

A special thank you to the Majura Mountain Scouts who provided a BBQ for participants.

Shane Rattenbury showing excellent paper tearing technique

Many thanks to Greening Australia for raising the seedlings from locally collected seeds, to the rangers of the ACT Parks and Conservation Service for providing crucial on-site support,  to the North Canberra Community Council and The Village Building Company for financial support and to many volunteers of Friends of Mount Majura, the Watson Woodland Working Group, the Hackett Community Association and the Conservation Council for help during and prior to the event.

Here are lots of photos taken during National Tree Day 2012.

Click here to view the species we planted.

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