Weeds Working (& Picnic in the Park) Party (20/10/2013)

Patersons’ Curse or Salvation Jane crowds out desireable species.

Join us for a weed working party at The Fair in North Watson. Help remove woody weeds along Clancy’s track and Paterson’s Curse around the National Tree Day plantings.

Check out the young plants: the September rain has done wonders! Unfortuantely also to the Curse.

Fun at The Fair planting site.

Afterwards relax and join in the Picnic in the Park fun at the National Tree Day site hosted by the Conservation Council; for details click here.

When: Sunday 20 October 2013, from 9am to 12.30 pm; come for an hour or the whole time.
Where: Nature park entrance Tay Street, The Fair, North Watson, or access from Antill Street roughly opposite Carotel for a 5 minutes’ walk to the planting area; view this map.
Bring: Sun protection, sturdy shoes, long sleeve and pants and garden gloves if you have them.

Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna, is a common woody weed around The Fair and Clancy’s track; distinguished by leaves with toothed lobes.

For more information contact committee@majura.org or phone 6161 8985

Download this poster to promote the event.




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