Make a Dash for a Bash

Help tackle Paterson’s Curse at its last stronghold in the Majura Paddock.

Paterson’s Curse, Echium plantagineum.
Physical removal is the best method of treatment at the flowering and seed setting stage.

From mid October to mid November 2012 volunteers conducted a number of successful Curse bashes at the last stronghold in the northern part of Majura paddock; click this map to see the location.

View here how the Curse disappeared from a site tackled on 4th November.

Of course there are always some weeds which have been overlooked. If you can, help remove scattered Curse before the flowers loose their highly visible petals.

Next time when you walk on Mount Majura include a 10 minutes stroll over the paddock, pick up a bag at one of the two access points (view above map) and pull & bag any purple flower that you see; deposit the bag at the access point on your way out of the paddock.

Give Curse no chance!



The result of a number of Curse bashes (Photograph Waltraud Pix 29.10.2012).


Majura paddock before weed control, 07.10.2007
The ground cover of the tree-cleared part of Majura paddock consisted of mainly Paterson’s Curse, Hedge Mustard, thistles, horehound, Cape Weed, Skeletal Weed, Flatweed and other introduced herbaceous species. Friends of Mt Majura monitored the area in October 2007 and started control of herbaceous weeds in Autumn 2008

The same site 5 years and many volunteer hours later (26.10.2012)Yes, we can!


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