PLEASE HELP! Extra Paterson’s Curse Weeding Session this Saturday, 26 November

echium-plantagineum-patersons-curse-majura-paddocks-crop-rs-dscn0280PLEASE  HELP!

The very welcome rain this season benefits our shrubs, trees and native ground covers planted and direct seeded at The Fair. Unfortunately the rain also triggered a menace of weeds. Our monthly working bees are not sufficient to get on top of the weeds before they release seeds.

Please come along to this extra weeding session and help hand weeding and bagging flowering Paterson’s Curse, Echium plantagineum at The Fair.

When: This coming Saturday 26 November 4-6pm

Where: Meet at Tay Street park entrance, The Fair, North Watson; view the work area on this map

Please bring sun protection, sturdy shoes, and a pair of garden cloves if you have them.
Bags, some gloves and some weeding tools will be provided.

Enquiries and RSVP: E or P 62477515

Please conduct your own weed patrol if Saturday doesn’t suit you. Bags will be deposited at the Tay Street park entrance. 

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