Project Dragonfly Working Bee (18 May 2008)

Erosion control and tree planting at the lower Majura dam
When: Sunday 18 May, 10.00am to 1.00pm
Where: meet at the lower dam off Mackenzie / Grayson Streets park entrance, Hackett
Bring and wear: a garden fork or mattock if you have one, a bucket, sturdy boots, and gloves.

We will continue with the work to control erosion in the vicinity of the lower Majura dam that began in 2007. The work includes loosening the soil, placing coir erosion matting on top of it, anchoring the matting with pegs and spreading seeds of native grasses and forbs. We will plant local eucalypts uphill of the dam.

Project Dragonfly started in October 2005. The project’s aim is to rehabilitate the degraded dams and to create a wetland habitat for wildlife. The ground in the vicinity of the lower dam has been compacted leading to bare soil and erosion. See Dragonfly on this website for more information.

Enquiries: ph 6247 7515 or e-mail

Click the map below to view the meeting point.

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