September 2007 newsletter

FYI: The ABC Stateline television program “Sustainable Hackett” will be shown at the Hackett Community Association meeting, Thursday, 20 September, 7.30 pm, at Blue Gum Schools Friends’ Lounge, Hackett shops.

Dear Friends

It is my great pleasure to inform you that Friends of Mt Majura have been awarded the ACT Sustainable Cities Award in the category Urban Habitat in recognition of Project Dragonfly – the work conducted to rehabilitate the Majura Dams. A big Thank You to everyone who has contributed to the project!

The work to improve wildlife habitat at the dams commenced in October 2005 and has drawn the support of many volunteers. Most recently we’ve installed interpretative displays, a floating island at the upper dam and erosion matting in the vicinity of the lower dam. Surveying of frogs and water bugs will be carried out this spring as part of the ongoing monitoring of water and habitat quality (see announcement of Frogwatch 2007 below).

Please visit our website at for more information on Project Dragonfly.

Watering National Tree Day seedlings – this Sunday, 9 September, 5.00 pm onwards

We had a very successful planting of eucalypts and ground cover plants on National Tree Day on the 29th July. Thanks especially to Edwina, who managed a pleasant and smooth-running event for more than 40 enthusiastic volunteers. I would also like to thank our ACT rangers Chris and Grant, who assisted with the planting.

We need to water the seedlings to give them a good head-start for summer. So, if you have time this Sunday from 5.00 pm onwards please come along and help carrying water to the seedlings – the more hands there are the quicker the job will be done. We will meet at the lower Hackett reservoir, off Rivett / French Streets. Please bring a bucket or watering can – no umbrella required.

Spring Working Bee and Morning Tea – Sunday, 16 September

Join us for a working bee and a morning tea to celebrate the arrival of spring. We’ll extend the planting of ground-cover plants along the edges of the drain line, and collect and place mulch on the tree seedlings planted at National Tree Day. We’ll also chip out thistles growing around the seedlings – they will serve as a good mulch when turned upside down. Enjoy a cup of tea and Laura’s delicious muffins and take a native grass seedling with you for your garden.

When: Sunday, 16 September, 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Where: meet at the lower Hackett reservoir, off Rivett / French Streets, Hackett

What to bring and wear: sun protection, sturdy boots, gloves, a bucket or a watering can and a mattock if you have one.

Leaping into Frogwatch 2007 – Training Session, Tuesday, 25 September

FoMM members have been involved in the annual frog survey since the beginning of this exciting community program four years ago. Frogs have been monitored at the twin dams off Mackenzie Street and at other wetland sites within the Nature Reserve.

Preparations are in full swing for this year’s Frogwatch Census week (14. – 20. October).

If you want to become a frogwatcher, refresh your froggy ID skills and meet fellow frogwatchers, please register for a training seminar held on Tuesday, 25 September, 6.00 – 9.00 pm at the Australian National Botanic Gardens. To register and for more information contact Rachelle McConville at 6278 3309 or

FoMM’s local co-ordinator will be Jenni Savigny. Please contact her at 6257 5648 or if you want to get involved in this year’s frog survey on Mt Majura. Kids (with adults) are especially welcome.

Warm regards
Waltraud Pix
FoMM co-ordinator

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