Signals from another world: the language of lizards (16 October 2008)

Talk by Dr. Richard Peters, The Australian National University
When: Thursday 16 October 2008, 7.30pm
Where: Blue Gum School Friends’ Lounge, Hackett shops

Do you know how lizards talk to each other? Find out how a Jacky dragon starts a ‘conversation’, engages in peace talks and tells other dragons about its strength.
Dr Richard Peters is a neuroethologist who has been studying the ‘language of lizards’ for a number of years. Find out how a scientist goes about studying lizard communication, and learn how knowledge gained from the displays of the Jacky dragon is revealing much about the evolution of movement-based signals in general, and the importance of motion vision to an animal’s daily life.

Jacky dragon (Photograph: Waltaud Pix)

Enquiries: ph 6247 7515 or e-mail

The talk is part of a free lecture series
Hilltop to Backfence – Celebrating 5 years of ParkCare on Mount Majura
The lectures cover a range of local environmental issues and explore biodiversity on our doorstep.
Download the Hilltop to Backfence program (pdf file).

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