Successful National Tree Day 2016 on Mount Majura


The ANU Intrepid Landcare students celebrate a successful National Tree Day.

Majura Mountain Scouts planting wildflowers at a dedicated Scouts site (S. Bittinger).

Photo album of National Tree Day

The Intrepid Landcare students of the Australian National University and the Majura Mountain Scouts joined members of the general public to plant over 300 local trees, shrubs and wildflowers on this 10th National Tree Planting Day hosted by the Friends of Mt Majura parkCare group.

Conditions were fabulous on Sunday 31 July – it was one of these brilliant Canberra winter days and the soil was soft and friable after plenty of rain in the weeks before the event.

A big thank you to all who helped to make National Tree Day 2016 on Mount Majura a wonderful experience and great success.

Many thanks in particular to

The joy of planting a tree…

Matt Morrison and crew and the Green Army for digging planting holes – much appreciated by the older and very young folks;

The helpers on site Jo Lynch, Jenni Marsh, Lynne Alexander, Max Pouwer and Blake Canackle who were there when needed, ensuring everything worked smoothly;

Cindy Allen for putting up posters and helping with volunteers registration;

Emily Jones and Leigh Cameron for coordinating the participation of the ANU Intrepid students and the Majura Mountain Scouts;

Steve Bittinger for taking brilliant photographs and for sharing them on Flickr;

… and using a hammer…

Greening Australia volunteers and staff for raising and arranging the seedlings;

Kristy Gould for organising support through the Woodland Restoration program;

Parks and Conservation Service staff for filling up the water containers prior to the event and for bringing along tools and equipment;

And last not least, a very big thank you to our ParkCare support officer Craig Wainwright who gave his free time providing crucial support during the day and who brilliantly introduced the ANU students to the conservation values of Mt Majura and the work to protect its grassy woodland.

Thank you all for a job well done!

… and working together.

If you would like to see all the photos taken during National Tree Day 2016 click on Steve’s photo gallery.

And here is a 360-degree view of the site.

For a list of the species planted on National Tree Day 2016 click here .

Friends of Mt Majura, National Tree Day 2016 coordinator, 1 August 2016

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