Terrific National Tree Day 2019 on Mt Majura

National Tree Day 2019 on Mt Majura

A Big Thank You to more than 75 enthusiastic volunteers for planting, watering and mulching over 100 local trees, shrubs and wildflowers on Sunday 28th July 2019; click on this picture gallery to view Steve’s brilliant photographs of the event.

Residents of Watson, many families, the Majura Mountain scouts and cups and a group of Landscape Architecture students visiting from Taiwan used the opportunity of this 12th National Tree Day hosted by the Friends of Mt Majura to assist with the rehabilitation of the degraded grassy woodland in the nature reserve east of The Fair in North Watson.

The planting spectacle was over in about one and a half hours and participants moved on to hot chocolate, coffee, tea, cakes, Timtams, a play and a chat with old and new friends.

What a great way to spend a brilliant Canberra winter afternoon.

Many people helped to make the event a success and fun. I like to thank especially:

Marty taking a rest.

Marty takes a rest

ParkCare Ranger Martin “Marty” Bajt for providing crucial logistic support prior and during the event;

Peter O’Neill and Sam Good for digging the planting holes and Paula, Lisa, Gillian of the Friday’s @ The Fair team for further preparations;

Planting buddies Paula, Lisa, Rhys, Jenni, Margy, Lynne, Monika and Chris who were there when they were needed;

Steve Bittinger for taking photographs to document the spectacle;

Water officer Noel Birchall for keeping an eye on the water flow at the event and for help with volunteer registration;

Poster girl Cindy Allan for putting up posters;

Cindy Allen and Barbara Inglis for baking a delicious cake and slices which disappeared quickly together with all the Timtams;

Parks Service for donating beverages;

Ian for coordinating the Majura Mountain Scouts and Janelee for arranging the visit of our Taiwanese guests; and

Volunteers and staff of Greening Australia for raising and looking after the plants.

Waltraud Pix
Friends of Mt Majura, National Tree Day 2019 coordinator, 31 July 2019

Mt Majura nature reserve east of The Fair in North Watson.


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