Fireweed photographed at The Fair project site (W.Pix) During a recent pleasant weeding session at The Fair project site I spotted a flowering plant that I haven’t seen before. I took photographs and uploaded them on Canberra Nature Map; see this sighting. The ACT Weed Officer Steve Taylor confirmed the

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Sticky Weeds Rampage (14/11/2020)

Please come and help remove the rampant Cleavers (Sticky weeds) at a lovely site with old-growth Yellow Box trees. Members of the Australian Conservation Foundation joined FoMM volunteers last Sunday and together we cleaned up two-thirds of the Cleavers as well as many Slender thistles, Sowthistles, Indian Hedge Mustard and

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Clean-up Australia Day (01/03/2020)

Give a hand at a bush cleanup on Clean-up Australia Day Sunday, 1st March from 10 am to 12 noon. Meet at the volunteer registration point, nature park entrance Ian Nicol Street / Tay street east of The Fair, North Watson; click on this map. Bring gloves if you have

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