Planting She-oaks at the old sheep camp (15.05.2011)

Hand weeding and direct seeding of the 5 hectare sheep camp on Mount Majura ridge started in 2004 followed by planting of a limited number of eucalypts and shrubs. The photographs capture the views of a partly weeded site in August 2005 (left) and of the same site in February 2011 (right). The weedy groundcover of horehound, Saffron thistles, Hedge mustard, Serrated tussock and Rat’s tail Fescue has been replaced by silvery green New Holland Daisies and native Wallaby and Spear grasses. Strategically scattered Eucalyptus, Cassinia, Bursaria and Silverwattle plantings provide habitat for wildlife and will create a corridor for sugar gliders and ringtail possums at the ridge. At the work party in May we will plant Drooping She-oaks Allocasuarina verticillata to complement the revegetation.

When: Sunday, 15 May 2011, from 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Where: Old sheep camp, Mount Majura ridge, where the Casuarina trail hits the Mt Majura summit trail, view this map for the meeting point.
Bring & Wear: Sun protection, sturdy boots, garden gloves, a trowel, if you have one, and wrap up warmly.
What: Planting of local Drooping She-oak, Allocasuarina verticillata
ph 6247 7515 or e-mail

We will plant 40 Drooping She-oak, an important habitat tree for Glossy Black Cockatoos, Sugar Gliders and other wildlife. You will be rewarded with splendid views, a pleasant winter afternoon, fun and social company, and the satisfaction of having contributed to the enhancement of the bushland at your doorstep.

Learn more about the rehabilitation of the old sheep camp at the Mount Majura ridge.

Photographs of the sheep camp, views towards north taken at a work party to remove horehound on 28. August 2005 (top) and on 21 February 2011 (bottom).

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