Working Bee 17 October 2010

When: Sunday 17 October, 9am to 1pm
Meet at the Hackett reservoir off Rivett and French Streets (view this map)
Sun protection, sturdy shoes, long sleeves/pants, gloves and a weeding tool if you have one.
Morning tea
, some tools and gloves will be provided.
6247 7515 or
Download this poster to help promote the event.

National Tree Day planting site Majura Paddock

We will continue to hand remove weed competition around the eucalypts and mid-storey shrubs planted on National Tree Day.  Give as little or much time as you want; there will be plenty of weeds for everyone to tackle.

Adopt a paddock tree

The old box and gum trees of the Majura paddock behind the water reservoir are magnificent. Even the dead ones provide habitat for hollow breeding birds and for lizards when fallen down. The initial removal of weeds particularly the removal of large amounts of horehound encouraged some native ground cover to grow such as glycine, creeping Einadia – a salt bush relative – and native geraniums. However, the past weed cover has left a legacy of seeds in the soil that require attention for the coming years. You can give a helping hand by adopting a tree. Keep the weeds at bay in the perimeter of the tree canopy, care for the seedlings planted there and plant or direct seed natives. Work in your own time, get together as a family or friends group, have a picnic and watch how the surrounds of your tree is changing and attracting more wildlife.

Interested? Please contact the Friends of Mt Majura ParkCare coordinator at 62477515 or to arrange an adoption.

Old hollow bearing trees at the Majura paddock such as this Brittle gum provide important habitat for nesting birds and for mammals.

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