Working Bee Majura Paddock (14/07/2013)

Previous horehound infested site with 2011 plantings.

When: Sunday, 14 July from 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Where: Meet at the Hackett water reservoir close to the Rivett and French Streets intersection; view this map.
What: Hand-weed horehound around plantings; replace plastic tree guards with wire mesh guards; replant a small number of shrubs that have been lost to grazing.
Wear and bring: Sun protection, sturdy shoes, old garden clothing with long sleeves and pants. We’ll provide gloves and tools.
Enquiries: email or phone 62477515
Help promote the event with this poster.

Wanted: Planting Buddies. We are looking for volunteers who can assist novice planters at FoMM’s big annual planting party on National Tree Day, (Sunday 28 July). Ideally you have experience with planting in the field however this is not a must. Come along to the 14 July working bee for a “How to plant” session or arrive an hour before the National Tree Day event starts (click on details) for an introduction.

Where we started: Horehound and rabbit infested Majura paddock, 15.09.2009 with 2007 plantings in the background (view from north to south).

The 2007 plantings in 31.12.2012 (view from south).

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