Hand Weeding and Direct Seeding around The Fair 11th & 18th October 2020

Capeweed, Arcotheca calendula, is widespread and 2020 has probably the worst outbreak ever seen in Canberra. Overgrazing and lack of native grass cover thrive the weed to spread into previously Capeweed-free sites in Canberra Nature Park reserves where it covers large areas and outcompetes delicate native forbs (photo: Canberra Nature Map).

Rain since late summer has brought about the good, the bad and the ugly of Mt Majura. Whilst we experience a bumper season of native wildflowers*, the weeds, unfortunately, are rampant too.

The best we can achieve is a reduction of seeding weeds at sites where we have already invested significant efforts.

Please give a hand on Sunday, the 11th October to continue hand weeding at the Friends of Mt Majura’s project site at The Fair and to carry out some direct seeding of local species.

Help to remove weeds scattered among native forbs on Sunday, 18th October at a beautiful Grassy Woodland meadow north-east of The Fair project site.


First Session, Sunday, 11th October: Weeding and Seeding

In addition to the weed control, we will carry out experimental direct seeding of local Wattles at some of the hand-weeded sites where we removed Cootamundra Wattles and English Elms several years ago.

When: Sunday, 11th October, from 9 am to 12 noon; come for the whole morning or give as much time as you like.

Where: Nature reserve east of The Fair, North Watson; access and volunteer registration at the nature park entrance Tay / Ian Nicol Street; click on this map.

Second Session, Sunday, 18th October: Weeding among Forbs

Note from projects@majura.org (16 October): BoM forecasts possible thunderstorm for Sunday, 18th October; the work party will be postponed to Sunday, 25th October if there is a storm; please check out this page on Sunday morning for the latest news.

Grassy Woodland meadow on Mt Majura’s northwest slope with Hoary Sunray, Creamy Candle and Early Nancy (W. Pix). Since the photo has been taken in 2016, Capeweed invaded the forb-rich grassy woodlands and threatens to outcompete the delicate native plants.

We will be working in a beautiful grassy woodland site northeast of The Fair dam where FoMM members controlled weeds several years ago; weeds are scattered among native forbs and can be easily targeted for removal.

When: Sunday, 18th October, from 9 am to 12 noon; please arrive at 9 am for a walk to the grassy woodland site.

Where: Meet at the nature park entrance Tay / Ian Nicol Street; The Fair North Watson; click on this map.

If you come later: walk towards the big conifer, then to the dam and cross over to the cleared site, then head towards the “Meadow Weeding” site shown on the map.

Bring: Sun protection, drinking water and garden gloves if you have them; we’ll provide clean tools, a range of gloves, hand sanitizer and an introduction to the work and Covid-19 hygiene practice.

Inquiry: projects@majura.org

Mob (only during work sessions): 0435 357 172

*Join Michael Doherty’s wildflower walks to see Mt Majura’s nice side; for details click here.

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