Welcome to the website of the Friends of Mount Majura. We are a volunteer Park Care Group working to protect and enhance the natural environment on Mount Majura and its surroundings. Explore this website to find out about upcoming events and to learn more about the plants and animals you will encounter on the mountain.

Fireweed Alert and Canberra Nature Map

During a recent pleasant weeding session at The Fair project site I spotted a flowering plant that I haven’t seen before. I took photographs and uploaded them on Canberra Nature Map; see this sighting. The ACT Weed Officer Steve Taylor confirmed the species to be Fireweed, Senecio madagascariensis, a highly

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Curse Bash & Bag (November 2020)

Give Mount Majura a helping hand. One of our target weeds – Paterson’s Curse – keeps germinating from a large seed bank in the soil due to conditions that are favourable for this pesky purple pest. Fortunately, we can build on the efforts of volunteers who began weeding in late

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Sticky Weeds Rampage (14/11/2020)

Please come and help remove the rampant Cleavers (Sticky weeds) at a lovely site with old-growth Yellow Box trees. Members of the Australian Conservation Foundation joined FoMM volunteers last Sunday and together we cleaned up two-thirds of the Cleavers as well as many Slender thistles, Sowthistles, Indian Hedge Mustard and

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Working party at the drainage ditch (15/11/2020)

Weeds have such a good run this season. Cleavers or Sticky weeds, in particular, are taking over and smothering native plants. Please come and give hand at the Friends of Mt Majura working party on Sunday, 15 November and help remove Cleavers and other herbaceous weeds around the drainage ditch

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