The Friends of Mount Majura are working to improve the habitat around two dams in the Mt Majura Nature Reserve, with assistance from the ACT Government’s ACT Environment Grants.  We hope to create a wetland environment as a haven for birds and other wildlife, particularly frogs.  The project has been code-named Dragonfly as our indicator of success will be the emergence of the first dragonfly.

The dams were originally built to trap silt, but over time the edges have become compacted and unsuitable for plant life. Unfortunately, the popularity of the reserve has added to the erosion of the surrounding areas, contributing to the silt load and runoff leaving the system.

The dams are located along a gully in the drainage line between Mt Majura and Mt Ainslie. Overflow from the higher of the two dams flows into the lower dam, which in turn flows into the Hackett stormwater system, eventually finding its way into Sullivan’s Creek. The rehabilitation of the dam surrounds will act immediately to improve the water quality in the dam, and have a positive impact further downstream.

The rehabilitation comprises:

1. Planting local native species of emergent, littoral and dry area plants
2. Bringing in rocks and logs to provide shelter for wildlife and contain erosion
3. Improving pedestrian access and installing seats for wildlife watching

The project is sponsored by the Molonglo Catchment Group and has the full and enthusiastic support of ACT Parks and Conservation.

For information please contact dragonfly@majura.org.

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