About the dams

The dams are located along a gully in the drainage line between Mt Majura and Mt Ainslie. Overflow from the higher of the two dams flows into the lower dam, overflow from the lower dam flows into the Hackett stormwater system, and eventually into Sullivans creek. Although Mount Majura was originally part of a sheep property, the dams were actually built as a silt trap rather than for watering stock.

The estimated mean surface area and volume of the lower dam is 1660m2 and 1000m3 respectively and for the upper dam, 1260m2 and 700m3. More dam dimensions. Water levels are variable and depend entirely on rainfall. Both dams have a clay base and good water holding characteristics.

Both dams are characterised by:

  • minimal emergent and bank vegetation
  • severe erosion of banks and surrounds particularly of the lower dam
  • minimal observable presence of aquatic insects
  • minimal presence of frogs and no sign of breeding success
  • high numbers of mosquito fish

Even so, the dams are home to eastern long necked tortoises and freshwater shrimps and provide a permanent watering point for birds and wildlife.

The dams are well known to residents of North Canberra and are often visited by walkers in the Mount Majura nature park.

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