Dragonfly Erosion Control Work (20 May 2007)

The Work
The Result

Erosion control work at the lower Majura dam

If you’re walking along the lower dam of Mount Majura, you may notice a large area now covered with hessian matting on the uphill side to prevent further erosion.

Following a successful trial in September last year a group of volunteers and park rangers tackled erosion in the vicinity of the lower dam on Sunday 20 May 2007. They loosened the compacted ground to allow seeds and water to penetrate and constructed bars to divert run-off water away from the eroded area. The area was then covered with a layer of native grass straw and seeds. Wide-mesh erosion matting was placed over the top and finally steel pegs were hammered in to keep the matting in place. The matting reduces water erosion, traps organic matter and allows seeds to germinate and seedlings to get a foothold. It will degrade completely in a few years’ time depending on weather conditions. The job was made easier by many hands, a delicious morning tea and substantial support by rangers of ACT Parks, Conservation and Lands.

Look out for the newly installed display boards explaining Project Dragonfly, the work being done to rehabilitate the upper and lower dams.

If you visit the area please don’t walk on the matting. We hope that the seeds will germinate and we want to encourage the young growth.

Liese Baker, Waltraud Pix
June 2007

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