FoMM wins ACT Landcare Award 2011

The three parkCare groups, Friends of Mount Majura (FoMM), Mount Ainslie Weeders (MAW) and Watson Woodland Working Group (WWWG) won the the ACT Landcare Awards 2011 in the Urban Landcare category. Presenting the awards are (from left) Helen Munro and Richard Larson (WWWG), Waltraud Pix (FoMM), Margaret Clough, Jeanette Ruxtun and Annette Martin (MAW) and Liese Baker (FoMM).

Friends of Mount Majura together with neighbour ParkCare groups, the Mount Ainslie Weeders and the Watson Woodland Working Group received the ACT Landcare Award 2011 in the Urban Landcare category. The Award recognises the combined effort of the groups to engage the public in protecting and enhancing the natural environment at the doorstep of established suburbs. The three groups will represent the ACT at the Federal Landcare Award 2012.

On behalf of FoMM I thank Andy Westcott, the coordinator of the Molonglo Catchment Group for the nomination.  And a big THANK YOU and congratulations to all our volunteers!

Waltraud Pix
Friends of Mount Majura coordinator
8 September 2011

Nomination ACT Urban Landcare Award 2011

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