Mt Ainslie Weeders and FoMM Working Party

The Mt Ainslie Weeders and the Friends of Mount Majura (FoMM) will hold a joint working party to control weeds and maintain the tree seedlings planted at the old Ainslie tip site on National Tree Day in 2008.

National Tree Day 2008 dscn1765When: Sunday, 6 September 2009, from 9.00 am to 12 noon
Where: Old Ainslie tip site off Philip Av Kellaway St Nature Park entrance
Bring and wear: Sun protection, enclosed foot wear, and body covering clothing
What: Control of weeds, mulching tree seedlings and replacing tree guards
Please come early for a cuppa and a briefing on the work.

A note re old Ainslie tip: In March 2009 fragments of bonded asbestos were discovered in discarded and buried construction material at the old Ainslie tip site. The advice from the Environmental Consultant engaged by Parks, Conservation and Lands (PCL) is that the health risk of the bonded asbestos is extremely low however as a precautionary measure PCL closed the area for public use. Detailed assessment and remedial work have been completed and recently the area has been opened to the public.

Volunteers have been given permission to resume work that does not disturb the soil, such as spraying weeds and mulching seedlings.

Please contact Canberra Connect at 132281 for queries regarding asbestos findings in the nature reserves.

Waltraud Pix
Enquiries: ph 6247 7515 or e-mail

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