Mulch Marathon (01/07/2018)

Weeded, seeded and mulched site at The Fair. Direct-seeded Narrow-leaved New Holland Daisy, Vittadinia muelleri, visible in the foreground and Clustered Everlasting, Chrysocephalum semipapposum, photograph below, are not grazed and slowly colonize the area.

Warm up at the Friends of Mt Majura Mulch Marathon on Sunday, 1st July at The Fair. Help spreading wood chip mulch across bare sites; meet the ANU Intrepid Landcare crew who will be joining in the morning; learn about FoMM methods to improve degraded sites and enjoy hot drinks and cake during the event.

When: Sunday 1st July, all day from 9am to 4pm; come at any time that suits and give as much time as you like.

Where: Nature reserve east of the Fair, North Watson; access and volunteer registration at park entrance Tay / Ian Nicol Streets; view this map.

Bring and wear: Sun protection; sturdy shoes; garden gloves and a bucket (please label with your phone number) if you have them.

Mulch suppresses weeds, “conditions” the soil, retains moisture and reduces erosion particularly when combined with layering branches and stems (from woody weed control) over the mulched sites.

Piles of wood chip waiting to be spread at overgrazed and eroding sites (W.Pix).

We will be using the woodchips mulch of local tree and shrub branches that had been cut during recent fire trail maintenance in the Mt Majura nature reserve.

A big Thank You to the ACT Fire Unit for delivering the mulch to The Fair site.  

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