Planting Wildflowers @ The Fair (30/05/2021)

Give a hand and help to plant, water and mulch local wildflowers.

Come and join the Majura Mountain Scouts for an afternoon of planting local wildflowers in the Mt Majura nature reserve at The Fair.

When: Sunday 30 May 2021 from 1 pm to 4 pm; please come early for an introduction;

Where: Mt Majura nature reserve east of The Fair, North Watson; access and registration close to  Tay / Ian Nicol Streets intersection the planting area is close to the big conifer; to view the registration point and the planting area click on this map;

Bring: Sun protection and drinking water, appropriate clothing for the weather and sturdy shoes, garden gloves and trowel or small mattock if you have one.

We will be planting, watering and mulching a range of local flowering ground-cover plants such as Everlastings and Blue Devils.

The Blue Devil, Eryngium ovinum is a local grassy ecosystem species that changes its colour to a distinctive blue at the flowering stage; the photograph shows the compact flower head with its spiny bracts. Blue Devils may be mistaken for a thistle but the Devil is a member of the Carrot family (Apiaceae) whereas thistles belong to the Daisy family (Asteraceae).



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