Spring Working Party (16/10/2011)

When: Sunday, 16 October from 9am to 12noon
Meet at the Hackett water reservoir close to the Rivett and French Streets  intersection; view this map.
Sun protection, sturdy shoes, long sleeve and pants and garden gloves if you have them.
Morning tea will be provided
: email admin@majura.org or phone 6247 7515
Give the seedlings planted on National Tree Day at the Majura paddock a head start for spring by watering, mulching and weeding.

Mulch suppresses weeds, retains moisture and keeps tree guards in place.

Mulched seedlings at Majura paddock. Mulch helps to keep the protective guards in place (Photograph W.Pix 23.09.2011).

Eucalyptus seedling damaged by rabbits (or hares) after its guard blew off (Photograph W. Pix 02.09.2011)

How the paddock looked like before volunteers started restoration work. Weeds particularly horehound covered most of the ground in the timbered part of the paddock (Photograph W. Pix, 15.09.2009)

For more information on the Majura Paddock restoration project click here.

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