Sticky Weeds Rampage (14/11/2020)

Happy weeders (from left) Jim, Max, Waltraud and Sarah with piles of Sticky Weeds under the canopy of an old Yellow Box  (photo J. Marsh).

Please come and help remove the rampant Cleavers (Sticky weeds) at a lovely site with old-growth Yellow Box trees.

Members of the Australian Conservation Foundation joined FoMM volunteers last Sunday and together we cleaned up two-thirds of the Cleavers as well as many Slender thistles, Sowthistles, Indian Hedge Mustard and other herbaceous weeds.

Help to remove more of the above-mentioned weeds before they drop their seeds.

Bags with weeds ready for pick up and composting at Sand and Gravel (Photo W.Pix)

When: Saturday, 14th November from 4pm to 6pm.

Where: Yellow Box grove northeast of The Fair project site outlined yellow on this map.

Bring: Body covering clothing, sun protection, drinking water and your own garden gloves if you have them – we provide disposable gloves, some leather gloves and tools.

Please sign-in the Friends of Mt Majura activity sheet at the volunteer registration point and follow the Covid19 practice.

Many thanks to the weeders Sarah, Ernestine, Jenny, Jim, Jarrod, Dylan, Bruce and Max and thanks heaps to our ParkCare support ranger Marty and team for promptly picking up the cleavers and the bags and returning them empty for another fill.

One of three large piles of Cleavers removed at the work party held at the 8th November measuring about 1.5 cubic meters (W.Pix).


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