Working Party at the Fair Planting Site (17/02/2013)

The Friends of Mt Majura and the Watson Woodland parkCare groups will host a working party at the National Tree Day planting site behind The Fair residential development in North Watson and would welcome your help to mulch and water the young plants. We’ll be also removing Verbascum seed stems in the north of the planting site.

When: Sunday, 17 February 2013 from 9am to 1pm – give as little or as much time you want.
Where: nature park access point at the intersection Tay/Ian Nicol Sts, The Fair, North Watson; click this map to view the site or see below direction on how to get there.
Bring: Sun protection, sturdy shoes, long sleeves and pants.
Gloves and equipment will be provided.
Enquiries:  email or phone 62477515.

Download this poster for promotion.

National Tree Day planting site at The Fair in north Watson.
Photograph Waltraud Pix, 22.08.2012

How to get there. Access the National Tree Day 2012 planting site from the residential site The Fair (1) or from the nature park entrance off Antill Street (2) as shown on this map.

(1) Access from The Fair. Coming from the south along Antill St. enter the Fair at the round-about located at the intersection Antill and Aspinall Sts and follow the perimeter Tay Street to the intersection with Ian Nicol Street; you will see the planting site to your right. There is limited space for car parking along the perimeter street.

(2) Access nature park entrance Antill St. This is roughly, but not directly, across Antill St. from Carotel – the entrance is between Carotel and Solstice, but closer to Carotel. Once you have entered the nature park, head off towards the left (NOT up the hill!) until you get to the fence around The Fair residential development and follow the fence, away from Antill St. and a bit up the hill. It’s 5-10 minute walk. The planting site is behind (east of) The Fair, about midway along the back fence.

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