Mulching Working Party @ The Fair (15/04/2018)

Clustered Everlasting daisies at The Fair grow well on sites mulched with wood chips (W.Pix)

Join our Friends of Mt Majura working party on Sunday, 15th April at The Fair, North Watson and help to spread wood chip mulch around plantings and across bare sites.

The mulching party was originally scheduled for the 18th March and had to be cancelled due to a total Fireban called by the Parks Service.

When: Sunday 15 April 1 pm – 4 pm; give as much time as you like.
Where: Nature reserve east of The Fair, North Watson; access and volunteer registration at park entrance Tay / Ian Nicol Streets; view this map.
Bring: Sun protection, drinking water, garden gloves if you have them and wear sturdy shoes and body covering clothing.

Inquiries: or 6247 7515

Phone contact during the event: 0435 357 172

Wood chip mulch suppresses weeds, “conditions” the soil, retains moisture and reduces erosion particularly when combined with branches and stems (from woody weed control) layered over the mulched sites. There are a number of sites at The Fair work area where FoMM successfully used this method to improve heavily degraded grassy woodland. Learn more  about this rehabilitation method at the working party.

Several young people joined the Friends of Mt Majura ParkCare group over the past year which is terrific. It would be great if volunteers of the young cohort could give a hand at this working party to help with the physical demanding task of spreading mulch.

Mulched site at The Fair with a range of native groundcover plants such as Geranium, Willow Herb, Clustered Everlasting and New Holland Daisy (W.Pix).

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