Fair Working Party

Early Wattle, Acacia genistifolia in full flower at the Fair, North Watson (W.Pix, 20.07.2015).

Give the seedlings planted on Mount Majura a head start for spring. 250 native shrubs, trees and wildflowers added to the The Fair plantings this winter will provide crucial habitat for little woodland birds. Until fully established, the young plants require protection from extraordinary grazing pressure and weed competition.  Join in to help layer debris of woody weeds that we cut in the area and to hand-weed pesky Paterson’s Curse around the young plants:

When: Sunday, 16 August 2015 from 1.00pm to 4.00pm. Please come early for introduction and give as much time as you want.

Where: east of The Fair, North Watson; volunteer registration nature park access Ian Nicol St and Tay St intersection (view this map).

Bring and Wear: Sun protection, appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes; we provide tools, gloves and afternoon tea.

Inquiries: secretary@majura.org or ph. 6247 7515


The above photographs of Spiny Bitter-pea planted two years ago at The Fair show (left) a specimen damaged by grazing, and (right) a specimen protected with debris of Hawthorn and Briar Rose that were removed from The Fair project area (W. Pix 31.07.2015). Spiny Bitter-pea, Daviesia genistifolia is a low growing shrub species of Mt Majura’s woodlands which Friends of Mt Majura use at various re-vegetation projects; view this striking photograph of a flowering specimen.

A male Scarlet Robin with its brilliant scarlet breast is one of the many little woodland birds that visit the grassy woodland adjacent to The Fair (W.Pix 31.07.2015). Mt Majura’s northwest slope is the last refuge for small woodland birds on the west side of Mt Majura and Mt Ainslie. Thickets and clumps of shrubs along drainage lines provide crucial habitat for visiting and residential woodland birds.

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