First planting day

Our first planting day was held on the 9th of October 2005. It was a great success and we’d like to thank all of those people who put in many hours to get the plants in. About 9300 plants in total were planted. We were also helped by a group of Australian Conservation Volunteers, who tackled the upper dam under the expert guidance of Warren Saunders of Seeds and Plants Australia.

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Following is a summary of species and numbers in the first planting. About one third were planted at the upper dam and two thirds at the lower dam.

Species Number planted
Eleocharis acuta 1600
Schoenoplectus validus 400
Potamogeton spp 100
Carex inversa 1200
Carex appressa 1000
Juncus australis 1000
Juncus usutatus 800
Poa labillardieri 200
Paspalum distichum 400
Dry zone
Themeda australis 800
Poa sieberiana 200
Bothriochloa macra 1500
Wahlenbergia communis 200
IMG_8283 IMG_8286 IMG_8289 IMG_8291 IMG_8292 IMG_8293 IMG_8295 IMG_8303
IMG_8283.jpg IMG_8286.jpg IMG_8289.jpg IMG_8291.jpg IMG_8292.jpg IMG_8293.jpg IMG_8295.jpg IMG_8303.jpg
IMG_8308 IMG_8309 IMG_8311 IMG_8313 IMG_8315 IMG_8316 IMG_8318 IMG_8319
IMG_8308.jpg IMG_8309.jpg IMG_8311.jpg IMG_8313.jpg IMG_8315.jpg IMG_8316.jpg IMG_8318.jpg IMG_8319.jpg
IMG_8321 IMG_8322 IMG_8324 IMG_8333 IMG_8339 IMG_8344 IMG_8346 IMG_8348
IMG_8321.jpg IMG_8322.jpg IMG_8324.jpg IMG_8333.jpg IMG_8339.jpg IMG_8344.jpg IMG_8346.jpg IMG_8348.jpg
IMG_8350 IMG_8353 IMG_8356 IMG_8357 IMG_8361 IMG_8362 IMG_8367
IMG_8350.jpg IMG_8353.jpg IMG_8356.jpg IMG_8357.jpg IMG_8361.jpg IMG_8362.jpg IMG_8367.jpg
DSCN0001 DSCN0002 DSCN0003 DSCN0004 DSCN0005 DSCN0007 DSCN0008 DSCN0009 DSCN0010 DSCN0011
DSCN0001.jpg DSCN0002.jpg DSCN0003.jpg DSCN0004.jpg DSCN0005.jpg DSCN0007.jpg DSCN0008.jpg DSCN0009.jpg DSCN0010.jpg DSCN0011.jpg
DSCN0013 DSCN0016 DSCN0017 DSCN0018 DSCN0019 DSCN0021 DSCN0024 DSCN0025 DSCN0026 DSCN0027
DSCN0013.jpg DSCN0016.jpg DSCN0017.jpg DSCN0018.jpg DSCN0019.jpg DSCN0021.jpg DSCN0024.jpg DSCN0025.jpg DSCN0026.jpg DSCN0027.jpg
DSCN0028 DSCN0029 DSCN0031 DSCN0034 DSCN0035 DSCN0036 DSCN0037 DSCN0038 DSCN0039 DSCN0040
DSCN0028.jpg DSCN0029.jpg DSCN0031.jpg DSCN0034.jpg DSCN0035.jpg DSCN0036.jpg DSCN0037.jpg DSCN0038.jpg DSCN0039.jpg DSCN0040.jpg
DSCN0041 DSCN0043 DSCN0044 DSCN0045 DSCN0047 DSCN0049 DSCN0051 DSCN0052 DSCN0053 DSCN0054
DSCN0041.jpg DSCN0043.jpg DSCN0044.jpg DSCN0045.jpg DSCN0047.jpg DSCN0049.jpg DSCN0051.jpg DSCN0052.jpg DSCN0053.jpg DSCN0054.jpg
DSCN0055 DSCN0058 DSCN0061 DSCN0062 DSCN0063 DSCN0064 DSCN0065 DSCN0066 DSCN0068 DSCN0069
DSCN0055.jpg DSCN0058.jpg DSCN0061.jpg DSCN0062.jpg DSCN0063.jpg DSCN0064.jpg DSCN0065.jpg DSCN0066.jpg DSCN0068.jpg DSCN0069.jpg
DSCN0070 DSCN0071 DSCN0072 DSCN0073 DSCN0074 DSCN0075 DSCN0081
DSCN0070.jpg DSCN0071.jpg DSCN0072.jpg DSCN0073.jpg DSCN0074.jpg DSCN0075.jpg DSCN0081.jpg
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