Gang-gang cockatoo survey

Male Gang-gang cockatoo

Male Gang-gang cockatoo

To commemorate  COG’s (Canberra Ornithologists Group) 50th year COG is surveying the Gang-gang Cockatoo throughout the ACT and the COG area of concern. The survey started on 1 Feb 2014.

There are  also four intensive week long components  of this survey scheduled during the year where, in Garden Bird Survey style, participants are asked to record the maximum number of birds seen at a site every day for a week. The first of these weeks runs from 19-25 Feb 2014.

This is a survey the Parks and Conservation Service wish to support and promote, especially given that the Gang-gang has status as the ACT’s bird emblem and as the logo of the ACT Parks and Conservation Service. To sign up to this joint COG-ALA project go to:

For an overview of COG’s Gang-gang project go to:  and click on the ‘Gang-gang Project’ at the bottom of the page.

COG has also appointed a liaison officer for this project whose job will be to promote the project in schools, Landcare, Parkcare, Catchment groups etc.

Get your binoculars out!

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