Horehound Blitz (29/10/2017)

Horehound is a common weed often found at old stock camps.


Students of the ANU Intrepid Landcare group will chip in time (despite looming exams!) to help tackle horehound at an old stock camp on Majura Ridge.

If you have time on Sunday morning why not joining them?

When: Sunday, 29 October from 9am to about 1pm

Where: “Sheep camp south” Mt Majura ridge; click on this map to view the location of the sheep camp (red marker) and access routes (green lines). You can meet with the Intrepid crew at 9am at the car park Kellaway St / Philip Av or walk in your own time.

How to get there

(1) From the nature reserve entrance Kellaway Street car park turn left then walk uphill (southeast) on the fire trail named Hancock road; pass the transmission power line easement after about 500m and continue walking uphill close to the saddle; turn left and walk the trail uphill in northeast direction to access the stock camp. The walk will take about 30 minutes from the Kellaway Street nature park entrance.

(2) From the nature park entrance Mackenzie Street (roughly opposite Grayson Street) walk in east direction along the maintenance road (Blue Metal Road); at the saddle turn right and pass the upper Hackett water reservoir and walk uphill  in southwest direction to access the stock camp.

Bring: Sun protection, sturdy shoes, drinking water, and gloves if you have them.

Enjoy: A beautiful spring day and fantastic views over Canberra and Majura Valley.

Inquiries: projects@majura.org

Horehound, is a common perennial weed often found at old stock camps that have nutrient enriched soils.

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