National Tree Day 2016 planting party (31/07/2016)

Join the Friends of Mount Majura (FoMM) to celebrate National Tree Day 2016 with the planting of local trees, shrubs and flowering ground-cover plants.

This will be our fourth and final National Tree Day community planting in the nature park behind (east of) “The Fair”.  Planting holes have been dug prior to the event and water delivered so all we need are volunteers to get the seedlings into the ground.

When: Sunday 31 July 2016, from 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Please come early for a demonstration
on how to plant.

Mount Majura nature reserve behind (east of) The Fair in North Watson; click on this map to view the planting area and access close to the volunteer registration point.

What to wear: Garden gloves, appropriate clothing and foot wear, wrap up warmly.

What to bring: Bucket, trowel or small mattock if you have one; please label items with your phone number so that we can reunite any left-behinds with the owner.

What we plant:  List of species with photos

Enjoy warm-up drinks and Timtams.

Enquiries: e-mail, phone 6247 7515

Contact number on the day: 0435 357 172

National Tree Day 2016 poster

No one is too young to plant a tree!



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