Planting Bee at the Old Sheep Camp (20/05/2012)

Autumn morning on Mt Majura. View south from above the old sheep camp (Tristan Armstrong, 08.05.2012)

When: Sunday, 20 May 2012, from 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Where: Meet at the old sheep camp at Mount Majura ridge, an approximately 20 minutes walk from the Hackett water reservoir to where the Casuarina Trail hits the Mt Majura Summit track. If walking from Antill Street click here for a map. If walking from Mackenzie Street click here for a map. People unfamiliar with the locality can meet Jenni at the parkcare notice board opposite the water reservoir at 12.30pm for a walk up to the planting area. If walking from Rivett Street or planning to meet Jenni at the parkcare notice board then click here for a map.
Bring & Wear:
Sun protection, sturdy boots, garden gloves, a bucket and a trowel, if you have one; wrap up warmly.
ph 6241 5553 or e-mail
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Drooping She-oak, Allocasuarina verticillata, seed cone and female flowers (photograph Waltraud Pix). Seeds of She-oaks are the only food source of Glossy Black Cockatoos, a declining woodland bird which is declared vulnerable in the ACT.

We will be planting Drooping She-oak, Allocasuarina verticillata, and Native boxthorn, Busaria lasiophylla which are important habitat plants for local woodland birds and other wildlife. You will be rewarded with splendid views and the satisfaction of having contributed to enhancing your local environment.

Friends of Mount Majura started to restore the 5 hectares sheep camp in 2004. They removed more than 45 truck loads of weeds by hand, hand pulled and sprayed weed regrowth, collected seeds of groundcover plants, trees and shrubs, direct seeded grass and forbs, raised seedlings and planted tubestock. They also assist Parks and Conservation Service with the control of rabbits.

Click on sheep camp for further information on the project.

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