Report on Planting Bee at Sheep Camp (20/05/2012)

On a glorious autumn afternoon, 40 strong and healthy Drooping she-oak seedlings were

Liese mulching a baby casuarina

planted at the old sheep camp. We were very pleased to have two new people join the regular volunteers and to be able to spread word of the work of FoMM to passing joggers and bikers. Thanks to Peter for the fantastic planting holes at the sheep camp; thanks to Luke for bringing equipment up and Noel for taking it down and to Margy for the scrumptious cake and thanks to everyone there who helped with the planting, watering and mulching.

The sheep camp is so different from when we started work on its rehabilitation many years ago.  Here are some photos taken after this planting party.

You can never gather too much mulch!

A mature Drooping she-oak on the sheep camp

View of the sheep camp - May 2012

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