Second planting day

Our second planting was held on the 20th and 27th of October. About 3000 plants in total were planted mainly in the dryer eroded areas around the dams. FOMM members and volunteers were helped by ACT Parks and Conservation rangers and Warren Saunders of Seeds and Plants Australia.

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Following is a summary of species and numbers in the second planting. About one third were planted at the upper dam and two thirds at the lower dam.

Species Number planted
Myriophyllum crispatum 50
Potamogeton tricarinatus 50
Scheonoplectus validus 200
Alisma plantago 400
Bolboschoenus Caldwellii 250
Carex appressa 250
Poa labillardieri 200
Dry zone grasses and forbes
Themeda australis 400
Poa sieberiana 400
Bothriochloa macra 200
Joycea pallida 200
Bracteantha viscosa 100
Chrysocephalum apiculatum 100
Chrysocephalum semipapposum 100
Dianella revoluta 100
Hardenbergia violacia 12
Cassinia Longifolia 6
Acacia Dealbata 6
Indigofera australis 6

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