Spring Working Party (17/09/2023)

Ivy climbing up eucalyptus trees close to the water tank

Spring into action and give a hand at the Friends of Mt Majura work party on Sunday, 17 September to remove Privet, Ivy and other weeds around the lower Hacket water tank and to finish off mulching along the water course to suppress new weed growth.

The twining pea Hardenbergia twists through the undergrowth attracting bees and human attention.

FoMM volunteers with the help of new recruits (see the bottom of this blog) already cut and treated highly invasive Chilean Needle Grass, Phalaris, Paspalum and other weeds along the water course and planted and direct seeded native grasses and other local herbs such as the local Geraniums that are slowly covering ground.

When: Sunday 17 September 2023, 1 pm to 4 pm; give as much time as you can spare.

Where: Meet at the water course close to the water reservoir off Rivett Street and French Street intersection, Hackett; view this map.

What: Removing English Ivy and Privet close to the water tank; some hand-weeding of Cleavers and Arum along the water course and scatter wood chips along the southern edge.

Bring and wear: Sun protection, long sleeves and pants, sturdy shoes and gloves if you have them.

We provide tools and herbicide, an introduction and delicious afternoon tea.

Inquiries: secretary@majura.org

You need no experience to attend this event. Instructions, tools, gloves, hand sanitizer and a delicious home baked cake will be provided.

In full bloom: Early Wattle, Acacia genistifolia in the foreground and Silver Wattle, A. dealbata in the back.

Currently the creamy and sulfur yellow flower pompoms of Early Wattle and Silver Wattle put on a show along the water course and Hardenbergia with its purple pea flowers twines and twists through the undergrowth; frogs frolic in the dense thickets of Carex appressa which volunteers planted over the past years to replace Umbrella Sedge, English Ivy and Japanese Honeysuckle, and parrots take communal baths in the open water pools.

For further information on FoMM’s project to improve this important wildlfe habitat click here

Taking a new path in nature conservation.

In the past months, FoMM recruited wildlife to help with weed control and other tasks along the watercourse.

Meet the new blue-red team of environmental conservationists in training, (from left) foreman Sulfur, partner Sophie, her friend Sissi and partner Swen.

The result of beak-weeding; the team busy in the background.

Several months ago, the new recruits began removing the rhizomes of introduced grasses along some parts of the drainage line where FoMM volunteers cut the long thatch.

More recently, the team began work to remove guards which still requires some practice as this short films show Guard removal session 1; Guard removal session 2

To mark the end of a work session, Sulfur would waive a blue flag, if he only could remove the damn thing …

Media on this page by Waltraud Pix

Blue-flag at the end of the work session.

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