Spring Working Party (18/09/2022)

Early Nancy, Wurmbea dioica, female flowers with swollen purplish ovaries left and male flowers with six anthers and purple nectar band right (W. Pix). Early Nancy dies back after seeding and re-shoots from rootstock after rain in autumn. It is one of the first flowers to appear in early spring hence its common name.

Spring has sprung, the early flowers are in bloom and beautiful and the unwanted plants – i.e. weeds – are sitting in their starting holes.

Spring into action and help hand remove one of Mount Majura’s worst weeds, the St John’s Wort along a small drainage line with rare plants and abundant frogs.

When: Sunday, 18 September, from 1pm to 4pm

Where: meet at Tay / Ian Nicol Streets nature park entrance, The Fair, North Watson; click on this map to view the volunteer registration (meeting) point and the orange outlined work area.

The flowers of Small-leaved Clematis, Clematis leptophylla, one of Mt Majura’s few climbers, produce nectar early in Spring (Photo W.Pix).

What: Removing St Johns Wort and other herbaceous weeds by hand.

Bring: Sun protection, drinking water, and garden gloves if you have them.

We will provide some tools, gloves and hand sanitiser.

And a delicious cake for afternoon tea.


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